VCE English Outcome 3: Language Analysis

 I’m planning here to present through a series of posts the recorded course of activities and discussions that a Year 9 student and I pursued recently. The purpose was to advance the student’s skills in creating and composing poetry. The student immediately achieved excellent ideas and could beautifully describe them in writing, yet lacked an awareness of how such writing was received: she was unfamiliar with the structures, tones, forms and composition of successful poetry. This led us to examine the role and function of writing in its meta-literary relationship between the writer and the audience, which is very much the outcome tested in VCE Language Analysis.


After an introductory session that included defining poetic techniques, comprehending and analysing poetry from the Romantics, and considering model analytical essays and poetry appreciation essays, the student immediately drafted her response to “Lockers” – see the following post.

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