How does GBD Education provide students with an advantage?

The most immediate difference between GBD Education and other forms of study is that the sessions are an opportunity for students to discuss their thoughts, their ideas and their efforts in great depth with a professional consultant. In exploring accelerated studies through discussion, students are able to express the process they have pursued in completing tasks. Students learn: to examine their efforts and achievements; to identify their skills, their strengths, their weaknesses; and to pursue stronger methods and advanced results. Private tuition and mentorship is thus not just a program of extra lessons and exercises, but a vehicle for active listening in order to engage students to develop high-order thinking skills.

The discussions between student and tutor are complemented with a vast store of resources, including: templates, texts, puzzles, checklists, models, directions, exercises, support materials etc.

An advantage that is not so apparent is the founding pedagogical approach used.  Four founding principles and core components to my methodology appear in the visual representations below:

 1. Levels of cognition

Bloom’s Taxonomy

Bloom’s Taxonomy Revised

Higher Order Thinking Skills Higher Order Thinking Skills
Evaluation Creating
Synthesis Evaluating
Analysis Analysing
Application Applying
Comprehension Understanding
Knowledge Remembering
Lower Order Thinking Skills Lower Order Thinking Skills

2. Natural dispositions

Unitive Thinking

Left-brain thinking Match the opposites! Right-brain thinking
Logical ?english tutor melbourne? Random
Rational ?english tutor melbourne? Holistic
Sequential ?english tutor melbourne? Intuitive
Objective ?english tutor melbourne? Synthesizing
Looks at parts ?english tutor melbourne? Subjective
Analytical ?english tutor melbourne? Looks at wholes

 3. Demonstrating learning

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences

Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences


4. The golden rule

Students learn from success and enjoyment.