VCE English Tuition

Private or Small group tuition for students:

A. Year 5-6 students seeking independent school scholarships for Year 7+
B. Year 5-6 students seeking entry into SEAL programs for Year 7+
C. Year 7-9 students seeking entry into SEAL programs for Year 9+
D. Year 6-10 students seeking advanced results in English/ESL
E. VCE students seeking advanced results in English/ESL

Tailoring tuition for the needs of individuals

Guiding and supporting VCE English students in their Outcomes

Enabling gifted students to achieve their real potential

Advancing the range of skills and results for students

Making the learning process enjoyable and stimulating :)!!!

VCE students seeking advanced results in English/ESL

The business end of secondary school ­čÖé The tutoring courses I offer through GBD Education to this group of students are by necessity outcome based, and based on VCE Outcomes. It’s very useful for students of this group (and parents) to consider the blogs presented in the “Archive posts” and “Recent posts”. This will best inform on-line readers about the demands of VCE outcomes, the methods exercised through the service, and the exercises, ideas and activities┬áthat can prove advantageous. VCE English deserves the best result possible for and from students, and I’ve enjoyed many successes with students seeking high levels of success in their final years!

The role I perform as a VCE English tutor is extremely valuable to students, for I offer a unique position outside of the school curriculum and a unique perspective on VCE English Outcomes. Through negotiating with students I am able to help them discover the strengths they possess to respond to the demands of VCE English, and through discussion, modelling and feedback we are able to discover new insights to the nature of VCE English that ensure better results in VCE English and beyond!

If you are considering private tuition for VCE English, please read through the testimonials, and email me at