SEAL and Scholarship tuition

Private or Small group tuition for students:

A. Year 5-6 students seeking independent school scholarships for Year 7+
B. Year 5-6 students seeking entry into SEAL programs for Year 7+
C. Year 7-9 students seeking entry into SEHS programs for Year 9+
D. Year 6-10 students seeking advanced results in English/ESL
E. VCE students seeking advanced results in English/ESL

Tailoring tuition for the needs of individuals

Guiding and supporting VCE English students in their Outcomes

Enabling gifted students to achieve their real potential

Advancing the range of skills and results for students

Making the learning process enjoyable and stimulating :)!!!

There are more than 50 academic scholarships available to Year 7 students in Victoria. There are 36 SEAL school programs available to Year 7 students. There are four selective entry high schools available to Year 9 students, including Melbourne High, MacRobertson Girls High, Nossal High School and Suzanne Cory High School.

What I have discovered, and what has proved so profitable for the students, is that there are skills and activities that these student groups both enjoy and benefit greatly from tuition and mentorship that are not always satisfied in other learning programs. These are addressed in units I deliver for: Reading for Insight, Logic and Reason, Creative Expression, Multiple Intelligence responses, and Writing on Issues. In part, the units are designed to address the abilities demanded from the prescribed screening tests of Verbal Reasoning, Analogical Reasoning, Alphabetical/Literal Reasoning, Reading Comprehension and Creative and Analytical Expression (but not Numerical Reasoning – I’m not a Mathematics tutor). Yet the units are also designed to promote higher-order thinking, unitive thinking skills, multiple intelligences, and ultimately success and enjoyment! The tests are identified and recognized in the sessions, but it is the individual student, their skills, and their responses that are far more instructive and valuable, particularly for long-term sustained success.

The needs and goals of the first three sets of students are often defined by the results students wish to achieve on the prescribed screening test for a school. There are a small number of organizations that produce such tests for both public and private schools (eg. ACER and EduTest), and the nature of the tests ultimately demand higher-order thinking skills of the student in the core subject areas of both Maths and English, as well as a capacity to express oneself clearly, logically and fluently. A further requirement may be for the student to demonstrate a capacity to present successfully in an interview.

For lists of private school scholarships available to students entering Year 7, a contact list/link for each school, and details about the tests including the provider and the date of assessment see: and However, always check with the school! These two lists are not exhaustive.

For information on the thirty-six Victorian schools with SEAL programs for Year 7+, a contact list/link for all SEAL public schools, and descriptions of and dates for the screening tests see… Well, the list keeps changing, so instead of putting the link here to the Government’s site, I can help if you e-mail me directly

For information on the four Victorian selective entry high schools for Years 9-12, a contact list/link for SEAL public schools, and descriptions of the screening tests see

The information provided on these links, however, may prove confusing to an unwary parent, so do not hesitate to ask a student, the school, or a friend for information and advice. Of course, I would also be able to discuss the details with you should you wish – it’s pretty important after all!