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Persuasive Writing: TV

In the modern days now, more and more people start to watch TV, and the television becomes an essential equipment in all families. But TV is not actually a positive thing for us to use.

For most of us, watching TV is a waste of time. In a survey to the Australians from age 6-18 who usually watch TV, it was being reported that in 1 hour they are going to watch at least 5 advertisements that cannot help them at all, which means that they will waste 10 minutes of time in their one hour spending with TV. During the golden age from 6-18 years old who can bear on doing nothing but watching rubbish for 10 minutes.

There’s a kind of people, who watch the television without thinking. This is a really bad habbit, because it can cause you lots of diseases when you grow up – such as senile dementia. Therefore, TV can do nothing except for making you relax.

When your spirit is relaxing, your body is not relaxed. They have to wrok 2 times harder than they did in the normal time to keep 100% focus in the TV program. But when your body works too hard and finally feels tired, you won’t focus anymore, and suddeny feel the fatigue in your body which will cause headache. In the other hand, watching TV is bad for your health. And for children, watching TV is also bad for the sight of their eyes.
Above all, watching TV is detrimental for people in our society.


In this modern world, full of hustle and bustle, we all enjoy the opportunity to sit back and relax. It is little surprise then – given the trials and traumas professionals, school students and even cute little tiny toddlers must bravely face each and every day – that in the evenings more and more families find themselves too tired to talk anymore, and too spooked to speak with each other. Aren’t we fortunate to find instead that family after family are fortunate enough to have television to turn to? Hell no!!! TV is not the answer to life; TV is The Awful Truth, our Nightmare on Elm St, and The Biggest Loser of them all. We must as a society wake up to our most prevalent sedative, and we must free ourselves from this dangerous addiction we have to television.

Watching TV is a waste of time. A survey conducted by Mx newspapers this year found that the demographic of 6-18 years of age watched at least 5 commercials in every hour of television that bore no relevance whatsoever to them or their life. This immediately presents three questions to any intelligent and concerned parent: one, why do incompetent children waste their time watching irrelevant ads when they could use a remote control to and change the channel; two, what guarantee could be given that the rest of the hour of “relevant” TV wasn’t just mindless violent garbage; and three, why weren’t the kids doing their homework anyway? The fact is that all television is a poor commercial imitation of real life.

Unfortunately, present society has been conned to accept the imitation, with disastrous results for individuals. TV is terrible for your personal health and well-being. Several instances have been medically linked to TV’s plague of epilepsy, senile dementia, disassociation and violent episodes, although no judge has been brave enough to smash the hammer down on the deadly tube. Of course the majority of citizens are not actively damaged or stimulated by TV – in fact the opposite is seen everywhere. TV has spawned a generation of obese coach potatoes with the medical complaints common to those who do not enjoy physical fortitude, mental exercise or social satisfaction in life.

It is almost ironic how exhausting doing nothing in front of the idiot box can be, but sadly there are clear physiological reasons for the phenomenon. Studies by the Melbourne Research Institute of Sociology have determined that areas of the brain associated with relaxation and meditation are effectively “switched off” when the TV is switched on, whilst areas of attention and stimulation are made highly active in order to attend to all the flashing lights, startling images and twisting story-lines of commercial broadcasting. The study also discovered that even after the TV is turned off the areas activated during watching continue to remain alert, meaning that the brain needs a further hour or more to wind down after experiencing what the majority of individuals consider their relaxation time on the lounge room couch. The result is that the body feels too exhausted to sleep, because the hours spent relaxing with “Friends” or travelling through “The Great Outdoors” have a conscious, if unreal, effect on the brain.

Please, change your channel, stop the box, get a life! TV is consuming, unhealthy and exhausting, it is “the opium of the masses”. We free ourselves from this dangerous addiction we have to television, and we must learn to live without this false reality.

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