Back in da drivin’ seat

Sheesh! I guess I could feel some shame for neglecting the posts on this site for several months, but this past summer has been fantastic! And anyway, why would I want to be punching away at the keyboard when my preference is to sit outside with pen and paper feeling the fresh breeze flowing and glorious beams on sunshine on my face? You people need to get out more!

    Besdies, this business has big boots to fill and a lot of growth to achieve. And growth demands fresh air and sunshine, food for thought and new branches to follow, BBQ’s with friends and family picnics, eating too much at Xmas dinner and feeling too full to move for several hours afterwards… OK, I may be pushing it a bit there.

The point is that life is full 🙂 And GBD Ed is growing bigger and better 🙂

    And just because posts haven’t appeared here doesn’t mean that good things aren’t happening. Quite the opposite. I’m delighted with the successes I’ve enjoyed and the results the students I’m working with have been enjoying over the last month. Kudos to all!

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