GBD web-site has a green light…

   Wow. I’ve not been party to the construction, development or administration of a site like this before, and it is complicated. So if you’ve been reading these pages and producing a list of errors and oversights (like I did when I previewed the site), be sure to present your findings in triplicate and lodge them squarely in the dyke.

   Nevertheless, WOW! It’s a web-site! I think I’m going to be in BIG TROUBLE when all those students I’ve practised analytical and critical reading skills with check out these public pages. Oh dear… the irony will inevitably defeat the best of us, so abandon hope all ye who enter here.

   Now, if you’re in Year 12 studying English and you’re reading this, you should be doing better things with your time. Of course though, I will be presenting materials and models to support your studies for SACs through this “blog” (such an unfortunate noun, yet so appropriate!). If you’re an English tutor or gifted mentor in Melbourne and you want to collaborate, let me know. If you’re you’re a scholarship or SEAL candidate, keep up the good work!

   For all you other unfortunate neanderthals, be aware (as you will individually discover according to your preferences) that the books beside my bed this week include Graham Greene’s Twenty-One Stories, John Gray’s Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus, an issue of BBC’s science technology and future magazine Focus, Alan Baddeley’s Your Memory: A User’s Guide, and the study titled Exceptionally Gifted Children by Miraca Gross. The things you students make me read, just to keep up with you… I have a life you know!

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