Creative writing skills: Focus

This is yet another 20 min short creative writing piece, this time in response to the image/prompt of a set of clocks. For a word document version of much better presentation and formatting than what is shown here email me at

Remember, your goal is to produce focused writing by:

• illustrating the context, scene and atmosphere

• describing the body language of characters

• engaging the reader in real thoughts and feelings

• using figurative language

 Aim to achieve the climax and conclusion, quickly! But with great description!

 Keep events to a minimum, focus on describing the characters and context of the scene, and capture the idea and feeling!!!



Mohammed stood underneath the clocks at Flinders St Station. He seemed lost, and without animation. Around him, the crowds moved and flowed, like endless eddies in a sea of noise. It made him feel dizzy and confused.

He could hear and feel trains rushing through long black tunnels beneath him. They caused him to feel a great sense of sadness. His feet remained rooted to the polished marble tiles of the stations great hall, even as thousands were funnelled into and out of the city without him and about him. Despite the movement of the men and women and machines all around him, Mohammed was stunned and still as a sad, stone statue.

Slowly his leather briefcase fell from his weak and lifeless fingers; a teardrop from a receptacle of grief. Slowly his suit crumpled into a mess of tired, old worried creases; he sank to his knees on the polished floor. A space formed around him, a small and unforgiving whirlpool as people avoided this sudden, unexpected obstacle in time and space.

Mohammed cared not for their strange stares. He had just been fired.

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